About Us

Bar Harbor Hemp is your own backyard for everything about entertainment in the real world as well as the digital world. Curated by the experts of entertainment, digital news, gaming, mobile applications, music and more our content is unique all the time. We bring you the best of both the digital entertainment and the good old entertainment scene as we knew it before the digital world took over. We take care of those like us and guide them to the sort of entertainment that is a custom of the web only not trending as good as the movies that are due to be out on a release very soon. The world hasn’t gotten completely off the hook as the selfies are taking over the world. Which is why we bring you the best of everything there is to know about the entertainment scene across the globe. We are here to celebrate spare time with those in love with the old school entertainment yet keep up with the new age entertainment. We bring you the insight of the new release in music, games, applications, tv shows, movies and much more. Our team is dedicated to curating nothing but the best content where it happens and as it happens for your pleasure.

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