The entertaining world of superheroes is captured in comics. Comics still have a huge entertainment value because of this superhero factor. Many people reminisce about their favorite childhood hero and find they can still enjoy the antics through comics for years to come. In fact, many of yesterday’s heroes are skill around in today’s market. Yes, comic book legends are making a comeback, much to the delight of diehard fans, on the big screen and in new comic formats such as video games.

But where did it all start and where do comics stand today. We’ve got it all for you.

books-1678014_960_720The History of Comics

Comic books debuted in the 1930’s. As expected, the graphic formats of these books appealed to young and old alike. Superheroes Superman, Spiderman, Batman and several others appeared during this golden age of comics and gained popularity with the good versus evil theme. The superhero would battle the evil forces to victory and save the city over and over again. With comic books, readers were able to see in color the efforts of their superhero. Today, the effects of the comic book are still strong, as seen in many a blockbuster movie.

The Continuing Popularity of Comics

Why are comics so popular? Considering the appeal of the golden age of comics that symbolized the dreams and aspiration of commoners, the fantasy of superhero status gave people hope. Plus, the sheer entertainment value draw people in and keep them coming back for more. If you think comics have lost its zeal, think again. Comic conventions are held around the world with strong attendance. And for a little while, fans can live out a superhero fantasy.

Buying and Collecting Comics

Because of the popularity of comic, many people are buying and trading for their favorite comic book. Before you jump in the buying game, make sure you research the price of your comics so you don’t pay too much. Much of your research can be done on the Internet. Just be sure to use reliable sources. Also, if you are not much of an expert, it’s best to consult one if you are thinking about buying a collector’s edition.

Determining the Value of Your Favoring Comic Book

If you are a comic collector, then you know that the value of your books depends on several factors, including age, quality and preservation. Book values vary according to condition, so it is important to maintain the quality with proper storage. Page damage and discoloration brings down the value. Other factors for value consideration include the cover quality and popularity of the comic book character. If the comic superhero never gained popularity, your book will probably not be worth much at all. But holding on for sentimental value is quite okay.

Comics make for great entertainment, whether you want to read them or collect them. With the delivery of block buster movies based on comic superheroes, plus the addition of video games, comics are here to stay.

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